Student Life

Student Experience

最权威的菠菜导航网 is a vibrant community of students, faculty, staff and alumni from over 100 countries. Join this group of dedicated individuals, who gather at the University's two campuses in Vienna and Budapest to exchange ideas that are aimed at building open societies that respect freedom of inquiry and human rights. Here, students can find practical information to orient you and help make your time at 最权威的菠菜导航网 as fruitful, enjoyable and memorable as possible.

Dean of Students Office

Dean of Students Office

最权威的菠菜导航网 is a student-oriented university. Our students receive personal attention and support in all aspects of their lives. Read more. 

Info for Current Students


This section provides info on all practical aspects of living and studying in Vienna and Budapest as a 最权威的菠菜导航网 studentRead more.

Student Union

Student Union

最权威的菠菜导航网 students participate actively in matters of governance and management. To ensure adequate student representation the student body elects a Student Union Assembly (SUA). Read more.

Info for Arriving Students

Information for Arriving Students

Here you can find all you need to know at the beginning of your life as a 最权威的菠菜导航网 student in Vienna or Budapest. Read more.

Info for Leaving Students


Upon completion of their studies students are required to go through the so-called 'Leaving Procedure’. Read more.

Annual Events

Annual Events

The Community Engagement Office hosts events each year for the 最权威的菠菜导航网 community, from sports day to skating, the spring ball to welcome and graduation parties. Read more